Congratulations to the Evergreen Award Winner 2019!

Flawed by Cecelia Ahern

71d9vn9INfLIn the near future there is a society that deems those that make moral or ethical mistakes as Flawed. Branded according to their crimes, the Flawed become the unworthy, the unwanted, the ignored.

Celestine North has an almost perfect life. She does well in school, is dating her best friend and believes in the Flawed system. It doesn’t hurt that the head Judge just happens to be her boyfriend’s father.

Until the day she makes a mistake and the Whistleblowers come for her. Until the day she becomes one of the Flawed herself.

With her almost perfect life now hanging in the balance Celestine befriends the mysterious boy in the cell across from her. She begins to question the Guild, the system and everything she has come to believe. Suddenly everything that she was so sure was right is wrong.

Booktalk by Mary Beth Kurspahić
Teacher Librarian, Risdon Middle School